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Ein Campusboard ist ein Trainingsgerät, das in erster Linie beim Klettern zum Stärken der Fingerbeuger und der Oberarmmuskulatur genutzt wird. Es besteht aus bis zu 4 m hohen, l

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Letter post to the Swedish North Pole Expedition 1868

Cover from Morges, on Lake Geneva, to the northern point of Spitsbergen (Norway) to the ship's doctor Dr. E. Nyström, on the former Swedish mail ship "Sofia". 
An early document, the oldest known document after Spitsbergen, from polar research

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Where General Wille was still called Vuille

General Ulrich Wille, Commander-in-Chief of the Swiss Army during the First World War, had never been very popular in our country and is largely forgotten today, unlike General Henri Guisan.General Ulrich Wille, Commander-in-Chief of the Swiss Arm

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